Jaime Fernandez-FisacI am a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department at UC Berkeley, in the area of Control, Intelligent Systems and Robotics. My advisor is Prof. Shankar Sastry and I also collaborate with Profs. Claire Tomlin, Tom Griffiths and Anca Dragan.

I am interested in the challenge of introducing robotics into the public space, allowing autonomous systems to safely and efficiently interact with people. To do this, I seek to understand the interactions between humans and other agents in their environment, bringing together techniques from control theory, machine learning, cognitive science and game theory to design human-centered systems that can leverage synergies while guaranteeing safety.

Bio in a nutshell
Before coming to Berkeley I got my B.S./M.S. Engineering degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain and an additional Masters at Cranfield University in the UK. I also spent one year working in UAV system design at Aerialtronics. I was then awarded the La Caixa Foundation fellowship to pursue a graduate degree in the United States.

Contact information
email: jfisac at eecs.berkeley.edu
University of California at Berkeley 337 Cory Hall Berkeley, CA 94720-1772